How to Start a Recycling Program at Work

Many of us recycle at home in one form or another but recycling in the office is another story. Many small businesses are not put up to recycle. It takes effort and time to arrange a recycling program but there are numerous benefits. Recycling helps companies save money by reducing garbage service pick-up, reduce’s the organizations carbon foot-print, and helps improve employee morale. These days it feels good to do the best thing for the environment and the staff will most likely be excited about participating in this worthwhile effort.

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Here are some tips for launching a recycling program in your office.

Step 1: Enlist Buy-In from Management.

The first faltering step is to assign a ‘recycling coordinator’ who is committed and interested in spearheading the recycling program in your office. The recycling coordinator needs to enlist management’s support before pursuing the program. Management’s buy-in is vital to the success of this system. Once management signs off on the program, the coordinator should enlist volunteers to make a ‘Green Team. ‘ Send out a memo to the company announcing the program. Explain the benefits of recycling: saves the organization money by decreasing garbage service pick-up, helps reduce steadily the company’s carbon foot-print, and helps improve employee morale. Inspire employees to participate by assigning awards for many who embrace the new program, such as for instance for those employees who initiate the process. Get creative about ways you can make it fun for the staff!

2: Determine what items to recycle.

Take a stroll through the facility and appear at what recyclable materials are being thrown in the garbage. The most common items are paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and bottles. Remember that packing material, toners, electronics and office equipment are potentially recyclable. Initially target your recycling program to incorporate the largest volumes of waste being thrown in the garbage. If you work within an office, typically your largest amount of garbage will be from paper so start there. Once your recycling program is installed and operating, begin recycling other waste in your office such as cans and bottles. Continue to build on your successes as you progress.